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Bio: When Tamara was getting her bachelor's degree in broadcast
journalism, she studied BIOLOGY as her minor, because of her love for
animals. She has been a supporter of the Wildlife Waystation for two
years. She was an actress with a pup in the Million Dog March scene of Legally
Blonde 2
. She has interviewed Matt Gallant, Jack Hannah and interviews
celebrities about their pets on her entertainment talk show. Her
Himalayan cat has appeared on her WB news program and on the USA
. Plus, on the current Winter episode of "Metro Motion" which
airs daily in LA, Tamara is reporting from the anchor desk on bus
passenger safety thanks to some hard working canines. Most recently, a monkey almost ate her microphone while she was reporting for RealTVfilms. And finally, her
new puppy is the new dog-star on Animal Planet and is a working
actor-dog, appearing in several short films and a Purina webisode. Tamara had her first television debut when she came to Hollywood in 2003 on the E! Entertainment Style Network in the "sex kitten" style of animal lover Brigitte Bardot "Make me meow!"




USA Network

USA Network

we like it wild sometimes

we both know what snugglin's about 'cuz we're both from the South!

Jack Hannah

a little tutelage

Million Dog March

Legally Blonde 2


short film summer 2007


on "IN" in December 2007

Best Friends Animal Society - Lintroller Party 2007 - Jim Henson Company Lot

Dan Aykroyd narrated Unbeaten (2010 Oscar Shortlist) TIME magazine Top 10 Olympic Film of All Time


eating my microphone!

Brett's dog "Socks"

Red Carpet Host for since 2005

The Planet's Funniest Animals

Brian Michael Stoller's service dog Lil' Bear

"Metro Motion" 2007/2008

Paris Hilton held Jimmy Chew on the 4th of July when he was just a pup

Joe and Tamara: Fall 2013 edition of the EMMY NOMINATED TV show "Metro Motion" they talk about me!! Woof!